NUCLEAR OPTION: legislation in the U.S. Senate to return the required number of votes to a simple majority

nuclear option

Nuclear Option is a derogatory term employed by Republicans to describe the action taken in the U.S. Senate this week to remove the 60 vote requirement for affirmation of presidential nominees to lower court (Not Supreme Court) positions and other positions in the administration.    Republicans, who have enjoyed the filibuster capability and the requirement of a […]

CIVIL CULTURE: the arena outside of the family, the state, and the market where people associate to advance common interests.*

The debate about guns, violent films, and other stimuli for violence took a nice turn this morning when Morning Joe held a civil discussion about the larger issues on its daily MSNBC program.  The presence of Tom Brokaw always seems to bring a more civil sense of decorum to the show, and today was a […]