GESUNDHEIT [guh-ZOO- nt-hahyt]: good health


Sneezing is something that happens to everyone.   There are no boundaries like economics, race, age, education, or power.   Even the most prestigious people in the world sneeze. Granted, some people sneeze more discretely than others.  But, it is still a sneeze. We used to cover our mouths with our hands, but now we have been […]

DELETERIOUS [del-i-TEER-ee-uh s]: harmful, injurious (especially to health)


There’s no reason to believe that the glyph to the right needs explanation.  We have come to live in a period of time when the circle with a delete sign through it means “no whatever.”  In this case, the cigarette with a delete sign needs no words beneath it.  It means no smoking.   To ignore […]

ORGAN RECITAL: a listing of one’s ailments in response to a question of health


I’m going to break all kinds of precedence today. It is not my pattern, in writing this blog, to copy someone else’s work.  I try very hard to give proper reference to materials, but I also try to use discretion in waiting an appropriate amount of time before employing a post idea. Today, however, I […]

REFORM: improve by alteration


The urgency in Congress to bring about immigration reform is palpable. There is a lot of emotion about the subject, some of it getting to the level of argumentation and anger. I’m convinced that some of the volatile behavior is based upon the fact that the word reform is being used inappropriately by some.  The […]

CYBERCHONDRIA: when an individual surfs the net in a frenzy of health anxiety. (, Sept. 24)

——————You have seen it happen. Maybe you have done it yourself. A person begins to experience symptoms of illness. Instead of calling a physician that person runs to the computer and pulls up a medical website. He or she punches in the symptoms (fever, rash, shortness of breath, etc.) and then reads furtively, relying upon […]

FORTITUDE: mental and emotional strength in facing difficulty, adversity, danger,or temptation courageously. (

———————– Fortitude is not something you learn, it is something that is part of your makeup. Maybe it is genetic, or maybe it is something which grows out of the environment in which you are raised. Wherever it comes from, Fortitude is a gift, especially in these difficult times. When a person can be resilient […]