You might say, “Oh, what the heck.  It’s only a primary. ” Well, this primary is very important.  The 2016 elections are turbulent, and every vote will count.  The candidates will be determined by the way people respond in the primary.   I don’t want to be left out. And, yes, I’m voting for former Secretary […]

LONGSHOT: an attempt or undertaking that offers much but in which there is little chance for success.


Probably this word, longshot, is most familiar from the realm of horse racing.  It is a horse that is not believed to be awfully good.  The odds on the horse winning are very low.   The person who bets on this horse is said to be betting on a longshot, who, if he wins, will pay […]

OUTLIER: someone who stands apart from others of his or her group


This political season has given rise to the use of any number of words that have a “fresh” meaning to them.  Among those words is the term outlier.  It’s not a new word, having been around since the 1600’s having been used to describe stones that have been quarried buy not used.  They lie around […]

POWERHOUSE: a person, group, team, or the like, having great energy, strength, or potential for success.


Powerhouse is a word that we hear most commonly in the arena of sports.  It’s no secret that this past year’s Red Sox baseball team was known as a powerhouse.  The Seattle Seahawks are now known as the powerhouse of the football world.   Right now the Syracuse Orange are the powerhouse team 0f the NCAA […]

SCANDAL: the flurry of interest in an offense caused by a fault or misdeed.


This has been a week for scandals.  In just a matter of days the media  was bombarded with stories of IRS shenanigans involving Tea Party and other conservative applications for tax-free status, new allegations regarding the Benghazi tragedy, and the report that the Federal Government has allegedly peeked into private communications involving reporters from the […]



It’s been a busy week for meteors.   We had an asteroid which “barely” missed crashing into Earth, and then this unbelievable, 10,000 ton meteor/asteroid explodes over Siberia.  It created a stir all over the world as it was captured on camera at its moment of impact.  Unfortunately, there was a lot of damage to a […]