CONCILIATORY [kuh n-SIL-ee-uh-tawr-ee]: likely to placate or pacify


This will be short. In the current political environment there are a number of words which have become verboten.  Among them: cooperate collaborate concession conciliatory respect dialogue conference deference There are others.  They seem to appear on a daily basis. The one I chose for today’s posting, is conciliatory, a word that describes the attitude […]

HOPE: the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best


The images we see on television are incomprehensible to those of us in our safe homes away from Oklahoma.   We would have to be there on the scene to have a true appreciation for the destruction people there awoke to this morning.  The F-4 tornado which swept through Moore and its neighboring communities is probably […]

LETTING GO: the act of releasing one’s self, whether by intention or by necessity

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning with an extra hour of sleep time.   I’ve been sitting at my computer writing for the past hour, occasionally stopping just to gaze at the beautiful sight outside our sun room windows.   Golden maples ablaze with autumn color, the sun shining through them to create the kind of scene a […]