PALLIATIVE CARE: relieving pain or alleviating a problem without dealing with the underlying cause.

I started this posting yesterday, only to discover that I was off the mark in my explanation of what we mean when we talk about palliative care for patients.  It is important to stress that palliative care is a medical program offered to patients at various levels of the seriousness of their illness.  The program is […]

PAS (Physician Assisted Suicide): a situation in which a terminally ill person receives information and instruction about the patient ending an unbearable life

It may not be the best term to use in writing this post, but Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS) is helpful in you understanding from the beginning what this post is about.   Those who promote this process prefer such terms as Compassionate Assistance, or similar phrases.   I’ll stick with PAS just to make the post simpler. […]

CREMATE [KREE-meyt]: to reduce a dead body to ashes by fire


A question which is before people as they age is their desire regarding the care of their body after death.   Some would say it’s a ghoulish conversation, but for family members who have to make decisions, it’s a very practical matter.  If death is sudden, without any indication of its imminence, and there is no […]

PALLIATIVE [PAL-ee-ey-tiv]: to treat without attempting a cure

With the advent of such programs as Hospice and the advancements being made in the whole field of gerontology we hear more and more about “end-of-life” issues.  Many people immediately jump to euthanasia when they hear that phrase, thinking that we are talking about doctor-assisted suicide.   But there is a far broader spectrum to be considered, […]