“obfuscation, misdirection and straight-up lies” : a commetary on a political agenda

A posting by Robert L. Borosage in the Huffington Post takes issue with assumed Republican Candidate Mitt Romney, and he does it straight on.  In doing so, he accuses Romney of “obfuscation, misdirection and straight-up lies.”   That’s a pretty brave comment which  risks the chance of being  designated dangerously risky by some.   So I checked […]

PROGRESSIVE: opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are

Robert Kuttner, as I have said several times before, is a journalist for whom I have great respect.  He speaks clearly and without apparent concern for negative criticism.  I take this last characteristic to mean that he knows who he is, is comfortable with that, and has self-confidence enough to risk openly.  In addition to […]