INSTANT GRATIFICATION: the need for immediate pleasure

instant gratification

Maybe you have heard of this one already:  “The Marshmallow Study.”  It refers to the social dynamics study done 40 years ago in which a small child is put into a study room.  On the table in front of the child is one marshmallow.   The child is told that she can have the one marshmallow…or…if […]

UNDER THE WEATHER: somewhat indisposed; ailing; ill.

under the weather

For the past couple of weeks I have been under the weather.   Following back surgery on the 15th of August I have been uncomfortable, racked with pain, and just plain crummy.   I have been filled with medications, some of  which always make me more ill than the surgery itself.  As recently as today I have […]

CHRYSALIS [KRIS-uh-lis]: the hard shell covering surrounding a caterpillar which is becoming a butterfly


Every middle school science student has learned about the chrysalis.  If the science teacher is creative, the class has spread out in the fields to find one hanging on a branch.  It is a tubular, hard shell, hanging only by a thread.  Some are transparent; others are not. When taken back to the classroom and […]