NOMINALIZATION : the use of a word which is not a noun (e.g. a verb, an adjective or an adverb) as a noun,


This is an interesting concept.   Before you click it away, pay attention to what it is, and then make a decision as to whether it is just a boring intellectual exercise, or the answer to a question you may have had, but never asked. There are words that were originated to be specific parts of […]

TRASH ALARM: waking to the sound of trash collectors


It’s Tuesday.  I know that’s the case even before I open my eyes because at 7:00 a.m. I hear the first sounds that inform me.  No, not the alarm clock.  Not the birds that gather in the trees behind our house.   Not even the bells of the St. Pious X Church two blocks away.   All […]

TRICKLE DOWN: a theory of economics which says that benefits come to the ordinary person from expansion of the wealth of corporations and their owners

The trickle down theory of economics is commonly attributed to President Ronald Reagan who championed the idea during his terms in the White House.   It is based upon the theory that if the nation intentionally nourishes the wealthy class the result will be benefits that will “trickle down” to the rest of the people in […]

LABOR DAY, 2011: Now it all begins

Today, September 5, 2011, is Labor Day. All over the country, in large cities and small towns, schools are empty, some stores are closed, non-essential government offices are dark, many industries are closed, and people will gather for picnics, family gatherings, and … the annual Labor Day Parade.  It all began in 1894 when President […]

MIA: missing in action

I apologize to the military for using a term that is usually a painful one, identifying troops who have not been accounted for.  There is a lack of information about them as to whether they are dead or alive.  It is not a term to be used lightly.   However, in this case, I think it […]