AD HOMINEM [ad HOM-uh-nuhm] : appealing to one’s prejudices, emotions, or special interests rather than to one’s intellect or reason*


[NOTE:  TODAY IS THE VERY FIRST DAY OF A NEW CONCEPT. I am inviting you, my readers, to submit words that you think would be fun to discuss.   This submission comes from my good friend, David Hume, of Enid, Oklahoma.  David is one of the founders of Park Avenue Thrift, one of most creative outreach […]

GOD GAVE A GOOSE: refers to someone who is very foolish

I was listening to a very serious commentary on the Fiscal Cliff issue on television when I heard the commentator say that he had been talking with a prominent member of the House of Representatives who said that there were “50 people in the House he believed God gave a goose for.” (paraphrased from an […]

INTUITIVE: [in-TOO-i-tiv] capable of perceiving through instinct and without intellectual knowledge

It may sound like the title of today’s posting is using a redundancy.  The term “intellectual knowledge” sounds like it is saying the same thing twice.   But that assumes that the word “knowledge” has only one meaning, that being “information gained through mental processes which employ traditional thinking processes. ”  You know, a person reads […]

INDECISIVE: unable to be clear; wandering around amidst the options

The phrase currently in use in the media is flip-flop.  If it doesn’t appear at least once a day in an article in the major newspapers and on TV, there is something wrong.  It is not only a word that refers to cheap, casual footwear; it is also a jargon term meant to describe a […]

HUNKY-DORY: everything’s just fine!

I have no idea where it came from.  It’s been part of my vocabulary for years.  In fact, I haven’t even thought about it being there, in the sense of identifying it. It wasn’t until I was sending an email to my daughter, responding to a question she had for me.  I started to write […]

CONNECT THE DOTS: a metaphor to illustrate a person's ability (or inability) to associate one idea with another

There is a puzzle game called “Connect the Dots.” Sometimes it was called “Follow the Dots.” I used to play it when I was a kid. It wasn’t the most imaginative puzzle. There would be a page with lots and lots of numbers spread all over it. The idea was to begin with 1 and […]