JINGOIST: a belligerent patriot and nationalist who favors an aggressive foreign policy *


A strong American foreign policy is a tricky thing.   On one hand, it is an important segment of the directive to the President and government to “protect and defend” the United States of America.   Without any clear foreign policy there are gaps of ambiguity which lead to conflicts and missed opportunities for peace. On the […]

INCREDIBLE: so extraordinary as to seem impossible:


Forgive my passion about this, but I find what happened in the United States Congress this morning to be incredible.  Yes, I believe it was “so extraordinary as to seem impossible.”   The political leader of a foreign country (yes, an ally) stood before the Joint Congress of the United States of America and derided the […]

RED LINE: a point beyond which a person or group is unwilling to negotiate

Negotiation is a tricky business.   It involves bringing two or more disparate parties to a common point by whittling away at their differences and accenting their common acceptances.   Sometimes it’s successful; other times it’s not. Of late the global negotiation around nuclear armament in Iran has been a case in which negotiation is highly charged […]

SILO: thinking that focuses on one issue at a time

A wise mentor and I were driving through farm country at one time several years ago on our way to an important meeting. “See that farm over there?” he said, pointing to a farm with five silos next to the cattle barn.  “That’s a prosperous farm.  You can always tell what farmers are doing well […]

NEWTISMS: not so profound comments from the Republican contender

    This won’t take long. The news this morning is full of reports about potential Republican Presidential Candide Newt Gingrich and his comments about the way the President is handling the Iran threat situation.   In strong, blatant criticism, Gingrich declares that the President is dangerous, the most dangerous President of the United States he […]