OMBRE [AHM′ -bray]: graduated or shaded tones of color

NAME ombre on black

I stumbled across the word ombre when working with my graphic designer, Brent Bachelder,from Club Neopolsi Designs,  who is an amazing artist in Providence.   He is helping me design logos for a new website for my writing, inclusive of this blog and all of the other ways in which I am exercising my writing skills. […]

KICK THE CAN: a game from childhood; a phrase used in politics

kick the can

As a kid in a small, middle class community it was our responsibility to create entertainment.   Sometimes we just sat in the park in the middle of the village and watched the cars go by.  We invented a game about identifying the make, model and year of the car before it was right in front […]

COMPUTERESE: the jargon and technical terms associated with computers and their operation.


I was exercising my capacity for fantasy the other day and imagined Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) from the movie, Back to the Future,  talking to a couple of kids at the local drug store/soda bar in 1958. (Yes,  in my day you bought sodas, milk shakes, sundaes, etc., at the drug store.  I was […]