CHRISTIAN: a term which is confused in today’s world


If you ask me (or one of my friends) if I am a Christian, don’t be put off if I hesitate in my answer.  It is not at all a reflection of my faith or my tradition.  It is, however, a signal that the question and its answer may not be as easy to articulate […]

DOUBTING THOMAS: a term which refers to St. Thomas, but which has broader applications

doubting thomas

In Christian churches throughout the world today the story of the man who wasn’t convinced, St. Thomas, is told as the Gospel reading.   In the story, the disciples of Jesus have gathered in a safe place to avoid being arrested for their allegiance to Jesus.   They tell the story that they have seen and heard, […]

ASTONISHED: filled with sudden and overpowering surprise or wonder


At Grace Church this morning I was struck by the use of the word “astonished” as it appeared in the lesson from the Gospels assigned for today.   In the story that is told, Jesus is responsible for healing a man who has been blind since birth.  Those who see the newly-sighted man are astonished.   Those […]

FANTASY INTERVIEW: an imaginary conversation with currently unavailable people

How about a little fantasy this Christmas Morning?  Try this conversation between a reporter and the parents of the new-born Jesus of Nazareth.   Reporter:  We’re here in Bethlehem with Joseph and Mary Carpenter, the parents of a new-born child, who they have named Jesus.   This couple, from Nazareth, have traveled here to Bethlehem, the […]

JESSE TREE: a pictorial or sculpted image representing the family tree of Jesus

This being the season of Advent, churches throughout the world observe the weeks leading up to the celebration of the birth of Jesus.  Most Christians know that Jesus was probably not born on December 25, in the middle of the winter.  That is a convenient date chosen by early Christians to observe his birth, kind […]

GOOD SAMARITAN: one who unselfishly stops to help someone in need

When Jesus is asked the simple question, “But who is my neighbor?” he responds with a parable instead of a straight answer. (He was known for doing this regularly.) In the Gospel of Luke (10:35-37) he tells the story of a man who is waylaid by thieves who beat him and steal his money.  They […]