CHRISTIAN: a person who exemplifies in his or her life the teachings of Christ


This morning the papers carried the news that Ted Cruz had “won” the Republican slot for the presidency in the Iowa Republican Caucus.  The picture of his victory speech showed him in front of an American flag and a huge cross.   That’s because Senator Cruz boasts that he is a Christian and that it is […]

VERKLEMPT: choked with emotion

I love Yiddish.  It’s a very truthful language.  Some people consider it a “fake” language, but they’re wrong.  It’s very real.   People who speak Yiddish express themselves with honest, unfettered language which is an onomatopoeia in itself: it is what is says.   That’s why stand-up comedians turn to Yiddish so frequently.   When they say something […]

LITURGICAL DRAMA: re-enactment as worship

A family gathers around a candle-lit table with an attractive, but unusual meal displayed before them.  A child asks a question. A solemn reading begins, recalling the events of the escape of the Hebrew people from Egypt.  During the reading various foods are shared and tasted.  Children leave their chairs to search for the person […]