TRASH ALARM: waking to the sound of trash collectors


It’s Tuesday.  I know that’s the case even before I open my eyes because at 7:00 a.m. I hear the first sounds that inform me.  No, not the alarm clock.  Not the birds that gather in the trees behind our house.   Not even the bells of the St. Pious X Church two blocks away.   All […]

GIG: a single engagement for a performer or other professional


There are a variety of meanings for the word gig, but for this posting I have chosen to focus on the one which inspired me to check out the word. It has to do with entertainment or other fields of employment where a professional books individual events, one at a time.    They are accumulated in […]

EVEN PLAYING FIELD: equality of opportunity for all concerned

There’s a huge difference between playing soccer on the Providence College soccer field which is just a couple of blocks from our house and playing on the field in the photo to the right.  As the caption on it says, “If you can play soccer on this field, you’re really good.”  Can you imagine the […]

EPHEMERAL: lasts for a very short time

It’s hard to believe that the mayfly, seen at right, is an insect that lives just a few hours.  It is a very complicated-looking character, and it would seem that it would take forever to craft and develop this creation.   But the fact is that the mayfly exists for just one day, and to be […]

RECIPROCITY: a mutual exchange

The primary purpose of the President’s trip to Southeast Asia this week is stated to be the negotiation of reciprocal trade agreements between the United States and opening markets in several countries.   The hope is that by normalizing trade arrangements between various countries we can begin to stem the unbalanced flow of commercial funds away […]

JOBS: the bottom line issue; but there’s another side to it

It is no mystery to anyone that the primary issue fueling the mid-terms elections is unemployment … the lack of jobs for the unemployed and the underemployed.  It has been the major topic of discussion in the political realm for more than two years.  With the national unemployment statistic stuck at 9.6% there is no […]