INDENTURED: a contract by which a person, as an apprentice, is bound to service


I’ve been as confused as anyone by the difference  between a slave and an  indentured servant.  I was under the impression that the latter was just a euphemism, or gentler way of defining a slave.  To the contrary, it turns out that they are quite different terms, and their meaning has a clear distinction. Slaves […]

EXONERATE: to free from guilt or blame


Governor Cuomo  is criticized for being overly-frugal in his end-of-year pardons for just three men in New York State. Some call for Edward Snowden to receive clemency in U.S. for his “whistleblower” tactics Roman Catholic leader is released from prison after having been convicted of covering up sexual abuse cases in his Diocese. Mid-Atlantic Innocence […]

TOY WITH: an idiom which implies a frivolous, casual activity

In a very serious op-ed piece on Saturday in the New York Times, Joe Nocera wrote about an economic issue, derivative regulation, which is a major factor in the government’s economic future.  He celebrates the pending start of derivative regulation through the Dodd-Frank Bill which will require greater oversight in investment procedures on the part […]