ORGANIC: all elements of a good literary work are interdependent upon each other to create an emotional or intellectual whole*.


If you spotted the word organic and assumed that this blog was going to be about fresh carrots or whole milk, you have the wrong blog…at least for today.   Instead, I want to explore the meaning of the word organic as it is used in conversations relating to concepts, as those employed by authors. Organic […]

BAILIFF: an officer, similar to a sheriff or a sheriff’s deputy, employed to execute writs and processes, make arrests, keep order in the court, etc.

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I get an awful lot of the words for this blog from the material I read.  I am regularly impressed with the way in which my favorite authors use words, and my hope is to find ways to be comparable to them.   Every writing course I have ever taken has told me that the best […]

SOURCES: where do our interests come from?

I’m sitting at my computer listening to the Diane Rhems show  on NPR. It is one of my daily pleasures.  Today (Wednesday) it features an in-depth interview with Gary Wills, prominent historian, author, and lay theologian. At the early stage of the interview Mr. Wills indicated that he is a product of that famous culture, […]