ROBOT JOURNALIST: a non-human reporter who is created by technology

I heard the most incredible story on NPR yesterday.   It involved the invention of a robot programmed to replicate the abilities of a journalist. Wow!  What was that sound I heard?  Was it a plethora of journalists jumping off the top floor of their newspaper offices?  Not so fast, ladies and gentlemen of the Press.  […]

UN-AWED: is it a word?

In a New York Times commentary this past week, columnist David Brooks used the word un-awed. It feels good to vent in this way. You demonstrate your own importance by showing your buddies that you are un-awed by the majority leader, the vice president or some other big name. You get to take a break […]

VERISIMILITUDE: a statement which merely appears to be true (

Verisimilitude is a word that comes from the world of writing fiction. It emerged with the onset of fiction as a popular form of literature, causing some consternation among literary critics. Is the story meant to be true, or is it imaginary? How is the reader to know? What if the reader doesn’t understand that […]

SPURIOUS: not genuine, authentic, or true…counterfeit. (

——- Spurious is a great word. I use it too frequently, almost as an evil toy, knowing that a lot of people don’t know the meaning of it. It is an ego-driven, prideful action my part. But I love it, and I love being able to explain the meaning of the word. Usually spurious is […]

CYNICISM: an attitude of scornful or jaded negativity of the professed motives of others. (

The growth in popularity of 24/7 radio talk shows and cable TV has brought with it a new communication sin: cynicism. For a long time we have expected sarcasm, biting humor and strong criticism from such sources. But in the past few years, it would seem, there has been a tendency for banter by talk […]