INJUSTICE: violation of the rights of others


It is easy to romanticize the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. to a point that it loses its significance.   That may seem like a harsh comment on this annual day of recognition of the civil rights leader.   But it is not a criticism of King.  It is a comment on the way in which […]

MANDATORY MINIMUMS: sentences handed out by courts because they have been stipulated and required by legislation

One of the most poignant issues facing our judicial system these days is the matter of mandatory minimum sentencing.  It is brought about by legislation that states have created in which there is a prescribed formula by which a judge is guided in terms of establishing the appropriate sentence for a convicted person. In many […]

FAIR: free from bias, dishonestry, injustice

I heard  a Priest say it in her homily: “Fair is not always equal.” She was, of course, referring to the parable from the Gospel of Matthew (20:1-16) in which the landowner compensates his workers.   He has contracted with them for a specific amount, and it doesn’t matter at what hour they begin.   The contracted […]