IMPETUOUS [im-PECH-oo-uh s] : impulsive, an action done without a lot of thinking


Yes, in case you recognize the torso of the cliff jumper in the photo, it is Justin Bieber.  I didn’t have to search very far to find an article about him which fits today’s word, impetuous.  In his short, but colorful, career, there have been dozens of times when his picture has appeared on the […]

DISINTEGRATION: decay; deterioration

Fashion Rocks 2014 - Show

I didn’t see it, but I’m told that during the Fashion Rocks TV special rock singer Justin Bieber was called upon to introduce an act.   He decided to do his own act, stripping to his briefs on stage.  I guess fashion for the night included some other undie-reveals, but his made the media.  Maybe it […]