SIMPLISTIC: trite, to reduce a complex idea to an easy, uncomplicated level


The story is told of a theologianwho gets on a plane and finds himself seated next to an astronomer.   They greet each other and begin talking about their respective vocations.  At one point the astronomer says to the theologian, “I have come to the conclusion that all religion can be summarized by the phrase: Do […]



I’ve been accumulating some really, really significant thoughts over the past few days, and…rather than writing a blog about each of them (because they’re really NOT significant)…have accumulated them into this single post. I wonder why there’s such a flap  about horses being used to pull decorative wagons through Central Park.  It’s been a custom […]

A LINE IN THE SAND: to establish a boundary that cannot be crossed without retailiation

A line in the sand

A Line in the Sand is a  phrase that is so common that it takes very little explanation.    It stems from the practice of creating a demarcation limit.   Quite simply, a line is drawn in the sand and the opposition is told that they are free to take whatever actions they require on the other […]