CAVEAT EMPTOR: let the buyer beware

There are people who are good at purchasing items.  And there are people who are not good at purchasing items. It sounds easy enough. Find the item. Pay for the item. Take it with you and use it. But in this frantic world of commerce, it isn’t all that easy.  The proliferation of methods of […]

ERSATZ: an imitation of lesser value

For some reason, whenever I hear the word ersatz I am drawn to the early 20th century comic strip of Felix the Cat.   I’ve gone to every research source I could think of, but haven’t yet uncovered the connection between Felix and the word ersatz. But somehow as a child I learned the word, and […]

REPLICATE: to duplicate

Whenever someone comes up with a great idea the question arises: “How can we replicate this?”  It seems like a knee-jerk reaction.  If something is so good, so useful, so valuable, why wouldn’t we want to make more of them?  I suppose that’s part of the American system of economics.  The idea is to continue […]