PREPOSTEROUS: contrary to nature, reason, or common sense


Sometimes we seem to just use words over and over again until their meaning is lost. It gets minimalized, dumbed down, and/or exaggerated.   Such is the case for the word preposterous. It is a word that is usually employed in the midst of an emotional conversation, and tends, therefore, to be the product of more […]

CALCULUS: a system or arrangement of intricate or interrelated parts


As a person who has a love/hate relationship with math, it is strange for me to find myself writing a posting on the subject of calculus.  I barely made it through plain geometry in high school.  In college I liked the basic math course required for graduation so much that I took it three times!  […]

SYMBIOTIC [sim-bahy-OT-ik]: a close and usually obligatory association of two organisms of different species that live together, often to their mutual benefit ; or a similar relationship between interdependent persons or groups


Every now and then you come across a photo of such animals as a lion who has adopted an orphaned monkey, or a bull and a sheep who are inseparable.   Dogs and cats are the most photographed,but I find them boring.  I’m more amused and intrigued by wild animals who find each other and form […]

NEOLOGISM [nee-OL-uh-jiz-uhm]: new words


Every time you turn around, there is a new word popping up.  Given the massive number of new media possibilities, there are tons of people out there just waiting to get their 15 minutes of fame in one way or another.  Inventing a new word is one of them.  These new words are called neologisms. […]

SENTIENT [SEN-shuhnt]: the ability to feel, perceive, or to experience


Sentient is a Latin word which moved over into English as a way of describing the phenomenon of experience which humans have apart from intelligence.  That is to say, we are able to identify the various stimuli, processes, and products of the mind which rely upon thinking, but sentience is a phenomenon which has to do […]

PERAMBULATE [per-AM-byuh-leyt]: to walk about


There are some words I just like to say out loud.  Perambulate is one of them.   It is a Latin word that derives from the term ambulare,   “to move around.”   It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to come up with a list of words, such as ambulance, which have a direct relationship to the […]