RECTITUDE: correctness, rightness of principle or conduct*


In an interview on 60 Minutes, FBI Director James Comey was talking about the attempt of the agency to do what it is charged to do, remain within the confines of the law, and fulfill the intentions of the U.S. Constitution.  In doing so, he said, it was important that the FBI not be guilty […]

TAXONOMY: the science or technique of classification.


One way to corral and understand complex systems is to break them down into categories which make sense.   For instance, a company that markets a specific product may want to identify the various categories of customers: everyday customers infrequent customers one-time customers special orders In doing this, the marketing techniques employed to reach these various […]

STRIVEN: to have pursued something with energy and tenacity

The marathon runner crossing the finish line is the most vivid illustration of someone who has striven.  After months and months of training and preparation, the runner puts the last effort of a 26.2 mile, grueling race behind (him) and thrusts his body across the line, sometimes collapsing, having given his last ounce of energy […]