BLATANT [BLEYT-nt]: tastelessly conspicuous


My personal definition for the word blatant would be: the opposite of subtle.   That’s the point of the word blatant.  It’s out there in front for everyone to see.  There is no sense of humility.   It is a means of being public.   It is a way of being at the center of things, where people […]

FALLACIOUS: deceptive, misleading


It’s a little bit more serious than calling it just a “lie.”  Fallacious is a word that implies a serious intent to deceive, to mislead.    Lies can sometimes just bubble out without a lot of preconceived intent.   But a fallacy is an idea expressed which the “teller” knows to be untrue and which is intended […]

CAMPAIGN WEARY: tired of speeches, arguments, ads, rhetoric, robo calls

I’ve almost had it, and it isn’t even May.   The elections are more than 6 months away and already I’m experiencing campaign weariness.  I get a dozen or more email requests a day  for funds for candidates. The other day I had a verbal feud with someone from my own party who was calling to […]

MENDACITY: the tendency to be untruthful

The election season has given spawn to a new media column which assesses the truthfulness of statements made by candidates during their campaigns.   The results range from “Absolutely True” to “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire.” Research by the journalists determines which of the various categories can be applied to the data presented in a speech, […]