NUANCE [NOO-ahns] : a subtle difference or distinction in expression, meaning, response, etc.


Every Governor of the State of Rhode Island is given a budget to have a portrait painted which will hang in the State House upon his/her end of term.    This past year, at the conclusion of his single term as Governor, Lincoln Chafee contracted with Julie Gearan, a New England artist, for his painting. When […]

TANENBAUM [TAN-uhn-boum]: German word for fir tree; adopted to mean Christmas Tree


Living in Rhode Island, I’ve watched the debate (now somewhat tempered) over the past couple of years as to whether the decorated fir tree in the State House should be called a “Christmas Tree” or a “Holiday Tree.”   I tend to come down on the side of those (Governor Chafee especially) who prefer to see […]

YULETIDE: of or pertaining to the Christmas season.

Well, no matter what you call it, this is Christmas morning.  There is an unexpected dusting of snow on the lawn and on the trees, giving it an old fashioned Christmas look, and the smell of wassail greeted us as we awoke this morning.   What more could you ask for? Last night at the Christmas […]

NEW ENGLAND: anachronism or potential benefit?

Paired with the beauty, history, and quaint quirkiness of New England is another feature: economic stress.   All six of the New England states are experiencing various forms of economic difficulties, some more dramatic than others.  It is possible that one factor exists which is keeping these states from moving forward, a factor upon which New […]

GOVERNANCE: a system of oversight

There are some who believe that “getting elected” or “winning an election” is all that it takes to become the head of a country, state or municipality.   If we were to live by that belief we would be placing the craft of politics at the top of the ladder … and we would be missing […]