LINGO: the language and speech, especially the jargon of a particular field, group, or individual:


I’m having fun listening to the commentators for Major League Baseball.  I spend most of my time following the Red Sox, so Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy have become part of our family.   Don is a little bit more professional as a commentator, and Jerry is a retired Red Sox second baseman.   Their approach to […]

OSTENSIBLY: outwardly appearing as such


I tried being a basketball referee at one time.   I was a provisional licensee while I was still in college, and took a couple of turns at officiating jayvee games.   Two was enough.  I’m not cut out for it.   There is nothing a ref can do which is correct.  Everything is questioned, sometimes vociferously.   After […]

MEMORABLE: not easily forgotten


Friday night we went to see the opening night showing of the new film 42.  It is the story of Jackie Robinson, the first black man recruited into Major League Baseball.  He played for the Brooklyn Dodgers in the late 40’s. The film is a blunt exposé of the racism which greeted Robinson’s recruitment as […]