STOOP: a small porch


We’ve talked before about archaic terms which date back to “the old days.”   Such as davenport (couch); galoshes (boots); and overhauls (jeans.)  But that’s not an exhaustive list.  There are many more. Today’s word, stoop, is one of them.  It is a word that means a small porch, or entry way.    It is important that […]

AFTERMATH: something that results or follows from an event,


Looking out our windows yesterday morning (and even today) I am aware of the incredible amount of snow that fell over this part of New England in Blizzard JUNO earlier this week.   There is a beauty to the freshness of the snow, which, in this case, was powdery and pure white. Consequently, the patches of […]

DONUT: small cake of sweetened dough, often ring-shaped or spherical, cooked in hot fat


My family gets really uptight with me when I utter the statement, “I’m a purist.” They get sick of the comment, which is usually made in reference to food types.   I just happen to be a person who likes the taste of the base product.   I don’t like sauces put over beef, for instance, as […]

UPSCALE: tending toward the upper end of the economic ladder

I realized a couple of days ago that I have been using the word upscale a lot lately. It was one of those awakening moments when something flashes across my consciousness, seemingly out of nowhere.  My immediate reaction was to make sure I wrote the word upscale into my increasingly expanding word list and to […]

TENDERNIVED: what the heck is that?

The best place to have breakfast on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, is the Art Cliff  Diner in Vineyard Haven.  How’s that for putting it out there?  Does it sound like I’m tentative?  I’m not.  I have waited on their “porch” for up to 45 minutes for a chance to have breakfast there … and every time […]

OLD SPICE: who would have guessed?

For several years I have been using men’s grooming items from an upscale company.  They were costly, but I really enjoyed the scent, and I received comments frequently about it.  I watched the prices go up, the products change, the packaging change, and the prices go up again. One day I was shopping in the […]