LOGISTICS [loh-JIS-tiks]: the planning, implementation, and coordination of the details of a business or other operation


When traveling throughout the United States we continually come across moving vans on the road.  Having moved as many times as we have, we are attracted to the image. It is then that I discover the word on the truck about which I’m curious.  Logistics.  Now, from my perspective, logistics is a word associated with […]

SIMPLISTIC: oversimplified

simplistic 2

It’s easy to confuse the words simple and simplistic.  If something is simple, it means it is really easy to understand and without complications.  That’s not a judgmental word; it is clearly a word that describes the quality of something as being easy to understand and without embellishment.   The tune “Mary had a little lamb….” […]

AXIOMATIC [ak-see-uh-MAT-ik] : obvious, self-evident


It is amusing sometimes to be in the middle of a conversation when someone says something that is so obvious, so clearly self-evident, that it stuns those listening.  Or it may come in the midst of an article, or even something as profound as a dissertation or a scholarly paper of some kind.  Everything is […]

ITERATION [it-uh-REY-shuhn] : to say or do again; repeat


Constant repetition is something that can become irritating to some people.   When a child in the back seat of the car repeats the same question (“When are we going to get there?” or “Are we there yet?” ) it can be the cause of a near-mental-breakdown for parents. A similar thing happens with a person […]

QUANTUM LEAP: a sudden, dramatic increase

Quantum is a word formerly reserved to the field of science and metrics.  It referred to measurement, specifically meaning that there was a huge, sudden up-tick in quantities of whatever was being measured. However, in recent years the word has been co-opted for use in more common language patterns, signifying, again, a sudden, dramatic increase […]

LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR: in math, to seek the smallest number that can be divided evenly into two other numbers

For a sixth grader, Lowest  Common Denominator could be a huge stumbling block, especially if math is not your forte.  But once exposed to it and after working with it for a while, it becomes a fairly uncomplicated concept. In the photo attached, the number 12 is the lowest (least) number that can be divided […]