KLUDGE: “a clumsy, ugly structure that more or less deals with a problem, but in an inefficient way.”*


    Paul Krugman, the journalist for the New York Times wrote an op-ed column yesterday in which he featured the word kludge.  I would have read the article anyway, as I always read his work.  But the use of this word, which I had never seen before, made it an even more special occasion.  […]

ENTITLEMENTS: the right to guaranteed government financial and health benefits

Social Security Medicare Medicaid Unemployment Benefits Pensions These are all subjects of great controversy these days as the Congress and the White House wrestle with the appropriate legislation to bring down the cost of operating our government.   Democrats want more flexibility in the taxation process, increasing the tax income from America’s most wealthy citizens.  Republicans […]

OLDER AMERICANS: who are they?

I wonder who the older Americans are that the Members of Congress keep talking about?  Have they ever really walked through the urban settings where elderly people are warehoused?   Have they really spent more than ten minutes at a setting where street people are being fed on a daily basis?  Have they walked (not driven) […]


Most of the voting on Tuesday went well for the Democrats around the country.  But in Ohio a resolution to put the issue of rejecting compulsory health insurance on the ballot passed.  It is only a symbolic vote at this point, but it signals a rejection of a significant part of the President’s Health Care […]

Entitlement: a benefit granted to someone because they need it and deserve it

Medicare is under the microscope these days, in case you hadn’t noticed.   In an effort to bring the federal budget under control the people of wisdom in Washington have mounted a surge on the so-called entitlement portions of the budget.  That’s a political name given to the programs which have been created over the past […]