RETRO: : looking like or relating to styles or fashions from the past


        Maybe it’s just that I’m at an age where memory is such a vital factor in my life.  These days I remember events from the 1950’s almost as clearly as I do those from this morning…maybe even better. The consideration of such factors leads to the use of the word retro. […]

MOMENT OF SILENCE: a scheduled time of prayer or contemplation

moment of silence

For some it may be a time of prayer.  For others it is simply a respectful moment in time when all becomes quiet and the ability to remember becomes real.   It doesn’t really matter what definition you bring to it.   It is meant to be a time when individuals become a community in respecting the […]

TRAUMA [TROU-muh]: an experience that produces psychological injury or pain.


Yesterday, when leaving Church, we heard the sirens.   They kept coming…and coming…and coming.   It was a tragedy that had occurred at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center just a couple of blocks away.   You probably read in the news  about the circus performers whose equipment failed and they fell onto the floor of the performance center, sustaining […]