REFUGEE or IMMIGRANT? what’s the difference?


This is not a new question.  It has been tossed around for the past several months, as hundreds of thousands of people from Syria and Afghanistan attempt to relocate to European countries.    It is a dramatic situation, with elderly people, people with disabilities, and little children being carried by parents and friends to places where […]

SILO: thinking that focuses on one issue at a time

A wise mentor and I were driving through farm country at one time several years ago on our way to an important meeting. “See that farm over there?” he said, pointing to a farm with five silos next to the cattle barn.  “That’s a prosperous farm.  You can always tell what farmers are doing well […]

CINCO DE MAYO: do people in Arizona celebrate this Mexican minor holiday?

In 1862  a regional battle in the state of Puerta, Mexico, was a victory over the French forces attempting to gain control of the resource-rich nation to the south of the United States.    But in this battle on May 5, 1862, the very limited Mexican army, under the leadership of Seguin, held out and eventually […]