GLOBAL: a way of thinking that goes beyond one’s local issues


There was a time when it seemed as if one’s thinking about such issues as conservation, farming, industrial development, and similar statistics could be restricted to what happened within the region in which one lived or worked.   After all, how I plowed my fields, planted my products, or fertilized the earth  was something that went […]

LOGISTICS [loh-JIS-tiks]: the planning, implementation, and coordination of the details of a business or other operation


When traveling throughout the United States we continually come across moving vans on the road.  Having moved as many times as we have, we are attracted to the image. It is then that I discover the word on the truck about which I’m curious.  Logistics.  Now, from my perspective, logistics is a word associated with […]

LIAISON [lee-ey-ZAWN]: to make a connection through technology to bring needed forces together for a purpose


If you have served in the military or just watched war movies, you are familiar with the scene depicted in the illustration.  A squadron has landed on the beach and is under fire from the enemy.  The communication tech pulls out his walkie-talkie and calls in air support or missiles from the ship to cover […]

GIZMO: unspecified item, a “thing”


More often than not, the use of the word gizmo is the result of having stumbled across something for which there is no name, or something whose name you have forgotten.  How often, in the middle of a presentation or class, has the teacher pointed to something which the student is supposed to touch, turn […]

SECURITY: the feeling that all is under control and I am safe

new security

Linus, the little kid in the Peanuts cartoon, is connected at the hip to his security blanket. That is to say, Linus believes he cannot exist without having his “blankee” safe in hand. He drags it everywhere he goes,and when it’s among the missing, he deteriorates to being a little kid without an identity. Security […]

TRAUMA [TROU-muh]: an experience that produces psychological injury or pain.


Yesterday, when leaving Church, we heard the sirens.   They kept coming…and coming…and coming.   It was a tragedy that had occurred at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center just a couple of blocks away.   You probably read in the news  about the circus performers whose equipment failed and they fell onto the floor of the performance center, sustaining […]