YANKEE DOODLE: a song with an interesting origin

yankee doodle

  One of the songs perpetually played or sung to accompany and honor the military is Yankee Doodle.  It is commonly understood to be a light, frivolous song intended to lift spirits and promote patriotism.   But, like most historic songs, we will be surprised to find that the lyrics were actually meant to ridicule their […]

KILROY WAS HERE: a piece of graffiti from World War II

Anything that brings a moment of humor to men and women in the military who are deployed to fierce battle areas is welcome.  Such was the case during World War II when a simple, easily-copied piece of graffiti began to appear on walls, sides of buildings, and even on bombs waiting to be dropped on […]

MILITARISM: tending to prefer the use of military action over other alternatives

On Chris Hayes’ morning show, Up! with Chris Hayes, a very interesting and intelligent conversation was held regarding the increased use of military action by President Obama over the past couple of years.  Some are applauding the strength of his action against Al Qaeda, and some are deploring the shift from a more concilliatory position […]

SACRIFICE: an offering of something of value as a benefit to someone or something else*

Let me start this posting with a list: David inconveniences himself regularly for his wife, Melissa, as a sign of love Mom and Dad forgo a special night out to attend a backyard drama staged by their children Dustin Pedroia hits into the hands of the left fielder so Jacoby Ellsbury can score from 3rd […]

DADT: a strategic question; a moral issue

The “Don’t  Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) policy which has been in effect for a number of years may be in the last days of its existence.  Or, the policy may continue to be in effect.  At this point it’s up to the U.S. Congress to decide whether to eliminate the practice or continue it.   There […]

INCITE: to stir up, cause to happen

We usually hear the word incite used to describe the activity which brings about a riot.  Unfortunately it is not difficult to bring to mind pictures which have appeared on the front pages of newspapers or on the late news on television.  I don’t know if it was a less common occurrence when I was […]