ABRAHAMIC TRADITION: belonging to a community which traces its history to Abraham

In a very interesting op-ed piece in Wednesday’s New York Times, David  V. Mason, an associate professor of theater at Rhodes College, explains his unique understanding that as a Mormon he does not see himself as a Christian.   This flies in the face of numerous positions that have been stated over the past couple of […]

HETERODOXY: holding unorthodox beliefs

Yes, there are sects of Christianity who believe that there is something spiritual about handling poisonous snakes.  I don’t get it, but in some people’s minds there is a faith position demonstrated that indicates that God will not let anything happen to a person of faith who intentionally handles a venomous snake. As a practicing […]

JEANS: casual pants made from denim

I’m of  the generation that remembers when jeans were called dungarees.  In those days the word implied that the coarse, denim pants were designed for, and purchased for, something called “work.”   Because they were relatively inexpensive and easily cared for, they could be worn to muck out horse stalls, dig ditches, tame a horse, mow […]

THE ZED FACTOR: the last, final word

The term The Zed Factor is my own construction.  I’m using it as a way of describing that which The Penultimate Word is not.   This is not the final word, the definitive, the ultimate answer to a question.   To the contrary, it is an answer, an opinion, some thoughts on a topic. Zed is another […]

SENIOR MOMENT: when an otherwise-familiar word or name escapes you

Appropriately designated as a characteristic of aging, senior moment is a term that enters into one’s life more and more as the years pile up.  You don’t have to be elderly to have a brain freeze moment; it can happen to anyone.  But it sure seems to be more and more frequent as the hair […]

MORMONS: are they Christians?

It was only a matter of time before the issue of Mitt Romney’s religious beliefs came up again.  In the last presidential election cycle it became a major stumbling block to his candidacy and may have been the deciding factor in his loss to John McCain in the primaries.   Many conservative Christians found his being […]