ABRAHAMIC TRADITION: belonging to a community which traces its history to Abraham

In a very interesting op-ed piece in Wednesday’s New York Times, David  V. Mason, an associate professor of theater at Rhodes College, explains his unique understanding that as a Mormon he does not see himself as a Christian.   This flies in the face of numerous positions that have been stated over the past couple of […]

THE ZED FACTOR: the last, final word

The term The Zed Factor is my own construction.  I’m using it as a way of describing that which The Penultimate Word is not.   This is not the final word, the definitive, the ultimate answer to a question.   To the contrary, it is an answer, an opinion, some thoughts on a topic. Zed is another […]

MORMONS: are they Christians?

It was only a matter of time before the issue of Mitt Romney’s religious beliefs came up again.  In the last presidential election cycle it became a major stumbling block to his candidacy and may have been the deciding factor in his loss to John McCain in the primaries.   Many conservative Christians found his being […]