FAITH: a system of religious belief


The sum and substance of the Christian faith is found in the story of Holy Week, the days between Palm Sunday and Easter Day.   Every year the Christian community practices that story, either in drama, reading, or liturgy. That is not commonly known to the many in the general public outside the Christian Community.  Over […]

UR: original, as in ur-family

adam and eve, black

The use of the prefix ur..usually followed by a hyphen…is to designate that the topic is pointing to the original.   It is a technique picked up from the Old German language and is meant to indicate proto, or original.    A proto-type of an automobile, for instance, is a a model which is made long before any […]

EASTER STORY: the biblical, oral, and traditional account, laced with a little myth

Christians throughout the world today gather to hear the story which has been the central theme of Christianity from Day One.   While many in our more secularized world believe that the central theme of Christianity evolves around Christmas and the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, the actual core of Christian thought is about Easter.  Christmas […]