COWED [koud]: frightened with intimidation


To be cowed is to be so frightened and intimidated by someone that it causes you to shrink and accede to their demands.  It is a word from the Norse/Danish languages which means to oppress.  It has found its way into the American English language in the sense of intimidation and pressure so great that […]

INTERDEPENDENCE: mutually reliant on each other


Sometimes we get so engaged with a concept that we allow it to become overwhelming.  That is the case in America, I believe , with a limited and dangerous understanding of the word independence.   Throughout the history of this country we have waved the banner of independence, based upon our understanding of what it meant […]

USURP [yoo-SURP]: to seize and hold (a position, office, power, etc.) by force or without legal right:*


One of the more incredible things to happen in world politics over the past several months has been the theft of the Ukrainian region of Crimea by the Russians.    In a bold, unabashedly deliberate act, the troops of Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, moved his troops into the primarily Russian-speaking region of Ukraine and usurped […]