INDENTURED: a contract by which a person, as an apprentice, is bound to service


I’ve been as confused as anyone by the difference  between a slave and an  indentured servant.  I was under the impression that the latter was just a euphemism, or gentler way of defining a slave.  To the contrary, it turns out that they are quite different terms, and their meaning has a clear distinction. Slaves […]

NUANCE [N(Y)OO-ahns: a subtle difference or distinction in expression, meaning, response, etc


Variation in style, particularly in the visual arts, is what makes art so interesting.  It is especially true in the graphic arts which have emerged since the appearance of the computer.   Wildly eccentric variations have become available, some of which are bizarre (and are meant to be) and some are subtle.   Take a Winslow Homer […]

MARCH MADNESS: NCAA basketball tournament

There are wars being waged. The economy is in the tank. Lousy weather has devastated the entire nation. Charlie Sheen has lost it. Toyota has another recall on its hands. Unemployment is rampant. But throughout the nation (and even beyond) millions of people drop everything to become a participant in  March Madness, the annual NCAA […]

ELIGIBILITY: the term used to describe a basketball player’s availability to be drafted into the NBA

This is the moment when college basketball players (and even some high school players) have an opportunity to throw their names into the hat for potential selection by NBA teams.  College stars who have played well during the past year declare themselves as eligible for the NBA draft.  If they align themselves with an agent […]