PEDAGOGUE [PED-uh-gog]: a teacher; schoolteacher; professor; instructor


Sometimes a word creates a mental picture just by the sound of it.   Such a word is pedagogue, a word which refers to someone who is in the position of teaching or instructing.    That could be a pre-school teacher, a college professor, an agency trainer, a religious education instructor, a drill instructor in the Army, […]

SCRUPULOUS [SKROO-pyuh-luh s]: careful, precise, exact to a fault


There’s something commendable about a person who is neat and orderly.  But when that characteristic is carried to an extreme, it becomes something similar to an obsession. It is the difference between being thorough and being scrupulous. Scrupulous is a word that comes from Latin and is first found in Middle English in the 15th […]

SNARKY: testy or irritable; short.


One of the powerful words in linguistics is onomatopoeia.    It is a great word which means a word that sounds just like it’s meaning.  The one I always go to is bubbling, as in a bubbling brook.  When you hear the term, you know exactly what it depicts.  You can almost feel the coolness of […]