DIPLOMACY: the conduct by government officials of negotiations and other relations between nations.


At dinner last night in a wonderful restaurant in Attleboro, Massachusetts, we two couples agreed that we were as discouraged about the political climate as we have been in a long time.   We all had been paying attention to the confusion, chaos, and negativity which has surrounded the President, Congress, The United Nations, Syria, Russia […]

RED LINE: a point beyond which a person or group is unwilling to negotiate

Negotiation is a tricky business.   It involves bringing two or more disparate parties to a common point by whittling away at their differences and accenting their common acceptances.   Sometimes it’s successful; other times it’s not. Of late the global negotiation around nuclear armament in Iran has been a case in which negotiation is highly charged […]

TRANSPARENCY: full disclosure

This isn’t the first time I’ve posted about the word transparency. I looked at it more generically in a previous blog posting and have mentioned it off and on in other postings. But something occurred to me when I was watching Morning Joe this morning, listening to a vocal member* of the Tea Party rant […]