SNOW: like money, the more you have, the more of a problem you experience


A sign in front of the First Baptist Church in America in Providence, Rhode Island, reads: If you’re the person praying for snow, PLEASE STOP!” Today is the 4th Snow Monday in a row for local schools. Boston is expecting a new accumulation of around 2 feet of snow, on top of an already-record 2 […]

AFTERMATH: something that results or follows from an event,


Looking out our windows yesterday morning (and even today) I am aware of the incredible amount of snow that fell over this part of New England in Blizzard JUNO earlier this week.   There is a beauty to the freshness of the snow, which, in this case, was powdery and pure white. Consequently, the patches of […]

FIZZLE: to fail after a good start

sloppy snowfall

Well, once again, Providence was spared from what had been predicted to be a major winter storm. Oh, we received a snowfall of several inches of the white stuff, but the rain which came in the middle of the night created a fizzle in terms of what we had expected.   My understanding is that it […]

DECIDUOUS:shedding the leaves annually, as certain trees and shrubs.


In the field of  horticulture there is a distinction made between deciduous and non-deciduous trees.  Right now people in my part of the world are more conscious of deciduous trees: those that shed their leaves in the late fall.  Soon, as the holiday season approaches, we will be paying more attention to non-deciduous trees, which […]

NEW ENGLAND WINTER: part of the life cycle one expects if living in New England

snow on deck

This morning I read a comment on Facebook which responded to a posting someone created  that we were experiencing another snow storm in New England this morning.   Not a big one.  Just 4-7″ of dry snow, but enough to make a difference.   The comment was from someone in Southern California and stated that they were […]

BLIZZARD: a storm with dry, driving snow, strong winds, and intense cold.

This morning Rhode Island and most of New England woke up to unbelievable scenes.   The snow is 28″ on our deck.   The wind is blowing.  It’s still snowing, having begun at noon yesterday.  It is cold. 187,000 people in Rhode Island alone are without power, with residents reporting inside temperatures of 40-45 degrees…that’s inside! This […]