MOXIE: courage, agressiveness, nerve

Described by one commentator, Moxie is a “bitter, non-carbonated drink.”   That’s a pretty concise, accurate description.   But it lacks something.   Moxie is a cultural phenomenon also.  Introduced in Maine in the late 19th century, Moxie is a unique, regionally-appreciated beverage which, in my youth, was known as a “tonic,” a beverage that was reputed to […]

NEW ENGLAND: anachronism or potential benefit?

Paired with the beauty, history, and quaint quirkiness of New England is another feature: economic stress.   All six of the New England states are experiencing various forms of economic difficulties, some more dramatic than others.  It is possible that one factor exists which is keeping these states from moving forward, a factor upon which New […]

OMINOUS: threatening

My head says that this hurricane is not going to turn out to be as dangerous to us here in New England as it was originally thought.  I’ve been following the reports as they become available and at this posting (7:30 a.m, Sunday) the storm has been reduced to a Category I and should diminish […]

BEAVERTAIL: one of the most beautiful places in New England

Yesterday was the first Sunday in a long time that felt like an early Spring Sunday.  The temperature (for New England) was mild, the sun was shining, and there was a mild breeze.  (It turned out to be more than “mild” when we arrived at our destination, however.) The lure of the ocean captured us, […]

WHITE CHRISTMAS: a weather condition or a metaphor?

I found myself listening to Bing Crosby’s recording of White Christmas this afternoon, realizing that because I was in the hospital for the past couple of weeks I haven’t heard much Christmas music.  I was surprised to discover that I actually missed the seasonal music; I thought I hated it after it would appear around […]