ARTICULATE [adj., n. ahr-TIK-yuh-lit; v. ahr-TIK-yuh-leyt]: expressed, formulated, or presented with clarity and effectiveness


President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) has to have been one of the most articulate public speakers in our nation’s history.   His ability behind a microphone or on the back end of a campaign train was incomparable.  FDR’s ability to make a difficult point in words that could be understood by people with many levels of […]

VICTOR: a person who has overcome or defeated an adversary

The words “to the victor belong the spoils” races through my mind as I begin this posting.   It is usually employed to indicate that the winner of an event garners all kinds of wonderful prizes for having won.   I suppose there are situations where that applies, and … to some extent … there are prizes […]

MONDAY MORNING QUARTERBACK: one who “coaches” a completed experience when it is safe… after it’s over

It’s always easier to prognosticate and speculate when you have the facts.  That’s true particularly when the event under scrutiny has already taken place. A Monday morning quarterback is one who tries to sound profound, but only comments after the event is over and the results are known.   It’s easy to say, “I think New […]


While there is no telling what could happen between now and November 6, one could say that tonight’s third debate between Mr. Romney and President Obama is a penultimate planned experience.   This is the last time the two are planning to be on the same stage at the same time exchanging comments.   The November 6 […]

REPRISE: to repeat

To reprise something is to repeat it.   As in the case of a serial murderer, who earns that title only by repeating (his) crime.   Or a dancer who reprises a step or action during a routine.  Then again, there is the friend who reprises a story ad infinitum. In a political campaign a candidate is […]

SILO: thinking that focuses on one issue at a time

A wise mentor and I were driving through farm country at one time several years ago on our way to an important meeting. “See that farm over there?” he said, pointing to a farm with five silos next to the cattle barn.  “That’s a prosperous farm.  You can always tell what farmers are doing well […]