Ally: a person, group, or nation that is associated with another or others for some common cause or purpose:


There are some words that we use regularly that just seem to be clear, but aren’t.   Ally is one of them. Ever since the two World Wars we have used the term freely, it being understood just which nations were allies of the United States, and which ones weren’t.   Having been born during WWII, it […]

MIDDLE EAST: a strange mixture of hope and fear

middle east

In my senior year of college (1963) I spent the summer on campus, during which time I took a course called “The Near East.”     It was a relatively new term at that point in history, identifying a geographical and cultural region which was just beginning to become familiar to westerners.   Although everyone knew about Egypt, […]

DECADE: ten years


When you get to my age the idea of a decade is a mixed bag.   You can count backwards and realize that there have been any number of decades which represent various phases of your life.   Childhood, adolescence, college years, marriage, children, career, successes, failures, weddings, retirement, etc.   Right now it’s the “etc.” that counts. […]