POWERHOUSE: a person, group, team, or the like, having great energy, strength, or potential for success.


Powerhouse is a word that we hear most commonly in the arena of sports.  It’s no secret that this past year’s Red Sox baseball team was known as a powerhouse.  The Seattle Seahawks are now known as the powerhouse of the football world.   Right now the Syracuse Orange are the powerhouse team 0f the NCAA […]

THE BUTLER: one insight into racism

the butler

We saw the movie, Lee Daniels, The Butler last night.  We had been watching the trailers for the past month or so, and had determined that this was one we didn’t want to miss.  I’m glad we didn’t miss it. From my perspective, this is not one of the best movies ever made.  There are […]

TONY: stylish, classy


Now this is a word that is used, seemingly, in only the most upscale fashion magazines and articles.   Tony is not used as a man’s name in this case.   In fact, it is a word that is attributed to both men and women, and even to inanimate objects such as apartments, homes, houseboats and the […]