CONFISCATE: to take into one’s custody without consent

israeli home

When I was in Israel a number of years ago I had a chance to have a very informative conversation with a woman who was a Palestinian living in Israel. She had mentioned in a conversation with a number of us earlier that it wasn’t all that easy.   Having this chance for a personal […]

BEMUSED DUDGEON: confused resentment

In a very well written NY Times op-ed piece on August 10, Ta-Nehisi Coates, editor of the Atlantic, uses the term bemused dudgeon. The piece is about former Governor Romney’s commentary on the role of culture in attaining success. Having never heard the term dudgeon before, it led me on an investigative journey.  I discovered […]

BLOCKADE: a method employed by a country to prevent the shipment of goods to another country

There is nothing to be gained by trying to find the politically correct place to come down on the attack by Israel on the Turkish ship which attempted to break the Gaza blockade.  The reports are too murky to be certain that one country or the other is guilty of inciting the battle  which led to […]

DISPUTED: To question the truth or validity of; doubt

Today the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict is as close to erupting into a full-scale war as it has been in a long time.  The insulting act on the part of Israel to announce the construction of more disputed homes in East Jerusalem at the very time that the Vice-President of the United States was in Israel […]