ALLEYS: a parable about marbles


Once upon a time there was a kid.   He  lived in a working-class community which was a very happy place.  Local industry soared.  Employment was probably below 1%.   Most people went to church.  Schools were full and teachers were respected by everyone…even the kids.  Every morning the “quarter to nine” fire whistle blew to signal […]

PRODIGAL: one who engages in wasteful spending

All these years, and I never got it right.  You, too, maybe. My take on the biblical story of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15) has been to focus on the incident which occurs near the end of the parable.  The foolish son who has gone off to squander his inheritance returns penniless and is greeted […]

FAIR: free from bias, dishonestry, injustice

I heard  a Priest say it in her homily: “Fair is not always equal.” She was, of course, referring to the parable from the Gospel of Matthew (20:1-16) in which the landowner compensates his workers.   He has contracted with them for a specific amount, and it doesn’t matter at what hour they begin.   The contracted […]