UGLINESS OF SPIRIT: the underlying negativity in American culture


Paul Krugman, Nobel Laureate, published a column in today’s (April 11)  New York Times entitled “Health Care Nightmares.”   Given the prominence of the issue of the Affordable Care Act and the resignation of Secretary Sibelius, I read it with curiosity. In the midst of the article I found the following comment which jolted me from […]

OBFUSCATE [OB-fuh-skeyt]: to make obscure, foggy or unclear


To intentionally obfuscate an issue is to do something that makes it nearly impossible for someone to see the point clearly.  It is to insert fogginess into something that should be quite clear.  It is a malicious act to confuse and bewilder someone. Obfuscation is a word which comes from “late Latin,”  that segment of […]

KLUDGE: “a clumsy, ugly structure that more or less deals with a problem, but in an inefficient way.”*


    Paul Krugman, the journalist for the New York Times wrote an op-ed column yesterday in which he featured the word kludge.  I would have read the article anyway, as I always read his work.  But the use of this word, which I had never seen before, made it an even more special occasion.  […]