MALARKEY [muh-LAHR-kee]: insincere or foolish talk


There are words that belong in our lexicon, but for which we have no specific information about their origin.  They just appear, get repeated over and over, and…the next thing you know…they  become a natural part of the vocabulary we employ on a day-t0-day basis. Such is the case for the word malarkey. It is […]

OBSEQUIOUS [uhb-SEE-kwee-uhs] : servile, fawning before someone


  There are some words that carry deeper meanings.  You can look them up in a dictionary and find their literal meanings.  But these words have an attached “edge” to them.  Obsequious is one of them. It is one thing to be polite and respectful of someone.  That’s to be expected in a civilized society.   […]

WIDOW’S PEAK: a v-shaped formation of hair in the center of the hairline on the forehead

It is almost impossible to read a biographical piece about Republican candidate for Vice-President, Paul Ryan, without it being mentioned that he has a widow’s peak.  It is a reference to the tiny, v-shaped variation in his hairline.   After reading this comment numerous times over the past few weeks I decided to do some inquiry […]

VEEP: a casual, abbreviated way of identifying the Vice President

Now that it’s official, Paul Ryan will be the Republican candidate for Vice President of the United States, things begin to get a little clearer in the campaign.   There’s been an awful lot of “mush” over the past several weeks and months, but Ryan’s selection clarifies what the rest of the election campaign will be […]

Entitlement: a benefit granted to someone because they need it and deserve it

Medicare is under the microscope these days, in case you hadn’t noticed.   In an effort to bring the federal budget under control the people of wisdom in Washington have mounted a surge on the so-called entitlement portions of the budget.  That’s a political name given to the programs which have been created over the past […]