CHRISTIAN: a person who exemplifies in his or her life the teachings of Christ


This morning the papers carried the news that Ted Cruz had “won” the Republican slot for the presidency in the Iowa Republican Caucus.  The picture of his victory speech showed him in front of an American flag and a huge cross.   That’s because Senator Cruz boasts that he is a Christian and that it is […]

MADDING: acting in a frenzied manner

madding crowd

Some people like crowds.  Some don’t. Some people receive energy by being in a crowded place.  Others get claustrophobia. Crowds can be vehicles of great celebration.   Crowds can be militant and vicious.   Obviously, when in the 18th century,  he wrote the poem, Elegy Written in a Country Church Yard,  Thomas Hardy portrayed the crowd […]

OF LIONS AND LAMBS: two literary references

The images of lions and lambs have been used in literature and other written pieces for centuries now.  There is something about the majesty of the powerful lion and the gentleness of the lamb which captures the imagination of writers.  They stand as metaphors, not needing a lot of explanation. Today being the penultimate day […]

PEACE: President Obama's take on it

I’m going to break my normal daily posting practice to add a second post. I have just finished watching the President of the United States speak after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. My reactions are fresh, not having taken the time to refine them or temper them. I have not studied the speech; I am […]

REQUIEM: any musical service, hymn, or dirge for the respose of the dead. (

————– Requiem is a word which (technically) refers to the music accompanying a liturgy for the dead. In recent usage, however, it has developed a broader meaning to incorporate any gesture, service, or gathering to remember those who have died. The Latin phrase requiem in pace, (rest in peace) shortened to the letters RIP is […]